Quality control!

‘’There is no way to miss anything, not even a scale!’’

Once we choose the raw material, we ensure the quality of products to be forwarded to the production line! We inspect visually the raw material and then we perform microscopy observations at our lab to make sure that seafood and fish will reach your table as if you have fished it yourselves! We perform several tests, and only then we move on to processing. A state-of-the-art processing without chemicals ensures direct product freezing and maintaining their quality and nutritional value. Processing is completed within a few hours from fishing.

‘’we select, control, perform several tests and offer high quality products’’

Everything is revealed at the lab!

At the company’s chemistry lab we perform all necessary tests required!

We want to be certain of our products’ quality! Our company’s strongest advantages are our excellent quality and processing line!

ISO 9001:2000, HACCP: what do they actually mean?

We are proud to present our company’s certifications. This is a further proof of our products’ ultimate quality!

Quality Assurance System ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, 22000

This is the quality assurance system installed and used at our company which, inter alia, determines certain specific operation stages

  • Quality Policy
  • Fulfilment of certification requirements
  • Company operation
  • Company infrastructure

By this certification, our company ensures the following:

  • Consistent quality of service and final products.
  • Improvement of service or product quality and reliability.
  • Documentation of the company’s quality-related profile.
  • Gaining another tool to help promotion.
  • Customer satisfaction.

HACCP System.

We apply a certified HACCP system in accordance with the EU Directive 91/493 ensuring product safety from microbiological risks and any defects. We ensure quality in accordance with the following standards: ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001, 22000.

All companies which produce or package, handle, store, distribute, or supply foodstuff are obliged under ministerial decision No. 487-04/10/2000 (Official Gazette 1219 Β/04-10-2000) to apply a HACCP system to prove and document the control of conditions affecting food safety. In specific, suitable procedures should be specified, applied and adapted according to the principles used for the development of the HACCP (HAZARD ANALYSIS CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS) system. The development stages of the HACCP system are the following:

  • Description of product
  • Determination of product use
  • Preparation of flowcharts
  • Verification of flowcharts
  • Identification of risks and preventive measures
  • Determination of limits criteria
  • Monitoring of critical control points and limits
  • Determination of corrective actions
  • Implementation of filing and recording processes
  • Determination of verification processes