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Octopus Stew


octopus purified 1.5kg
onions for stew 1 kilo
olive oil 160 ml
2-3 cloves of garlic chopped
tomato puree 2 tablespoons
250ml of wine
salt & pepper
2 bay leaves
cinnamon wood 2
8 cloves
1 sprig fresh thyme (optional)

1.you cut octopus into small pieces and place in a saucepan.Bake it slow(covered) for 40 minutes

2.Sauté the onions in a deep pot and olive oil over very low heat for 10-15 minutes.

3.Add the garlic and when octopusis ready add the octopus,pour this into the pot and stir for a few minutes.

4.Add the tomato paste and spices and continue stirring

5.Add the wine and add the chopped tomatoes and a glass of water

6. Braise at low temperature for about 30 minutes.If it is necessary add more water

7.Before serving, remove the spices and garnish with a little thyme

(recipe of H.E.P.O.)