We are proud to present our products!

No chemicals used- Controls- Immediate freezing

  • We do not use any chemicals! Chemicals are used to soften the seafood and alter its colour to make it more appealing to the consumer! We offer seafood just as it is being caught!
  • Processing is done simulating natural methods!

We use specially designed drums to process seafood under conditions similar to seawater. As a result, seafood maintains its taste, colour and nutritional value!

  • We perform quality controls at all production stages!
  • We ensure that the products reaching your table maintain their nutritional value with chemical analyses at our labs! Their high nutritional value is maintained up to consumption, so they are suitable for consumption by children.
  • Ours operations comply with all hygiene rules which are strictly observed by staff, starting from the top down to the very last employee.
  • We ensure the lowest levels of ice glazing to avoid losses.
  • We freeze our products immediately! The modern production and control system allows us to complete production straight after supply.