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Get to know us!

Welcome to the website of Atlantida S.A. Atlantida S.A. is a company which strives to offer high quality frozen products. Showing the utmost respect to our customers and with a sense of responsibility, we have committed ourselves to offering a comprehensive range of fish and other seafood products to the Greek market!

From Kavala with love!

The Bride of the North!

Our company is located in Kavala, one of the most significant commercial hubs of Greece. Historically, its location has been encouraging the fishing industry and still contributes to the economic growth of the wider area. Today, Kavala is one of the major commercial ports of Greece. The clear blue water and the natural gulfs make an ideal habitat for fish reproduction. This allows to fish higher volumes to supply the fish market in Kavala on a daily basis. Our local fish are known both for their taste and quality. Consumers choose them every day both in the Greek and international markets. In Atlantida S.A. we support local production by choosing local raw materials, thus ensuring high quality products!

Who are we really?

We are a family business!

A tradition that endures for 20 years now! Since 1995, when Atlantida was founded by Ioannis Tournavitis, the company has managed to enter dynamically the production, processing, labelling and trading arena of fish and other seafood. The unsurpassed quality, a result of the ingenuity, passion and hard work of the Tournavitis family, quickly steered Atlantida to the top positions of the frozen food market.