What are you having for lunch today?

Just imagine the taste and aroma of the sea to your plate!

Atlantida S.A. has managed to create a range of products to meet your every need. We are proud to present the full range of our fish and other seafood products, as well as the necessary information about the packages available in the market. When looking for the products you are interested in, you may email or call us to check for availability.

Alive and swimming, then straight to freezing

Frozen immediately, thus maintaining their natural colour and full nutritional value!

You should be aware of the nutritional value of fish, as they are an integral part of our diet and a major source of nutrients that help our bodies function properly. Fish is one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. It is placed at the middle οf the Mediterranean diet food pyramid. Consumption is recommended 1 to 3 times a week!

Fish is a major source of Omega-3 fatty acids which belong to the polyunsaturated fatty acids, known for their protective effect. Our production method ensures that Atlantida fish and other seafood products maintain all their nutritional value!

You should be aware of the following regarding the proper consumption of frozen products.

The Consumers Institute warns you!

There is a number of criteria to make sure that the products you choose are good for your diet!

Unfortunately, consumers can only perform a visual inspection, i.e. they may identify the quality visually. So, you have to be aware of the following steps as suggested by the Consumers Institute:

  1. Check the refrigerators at the points of retail sale. Thermometers should be placed in visually accessible places and indicate a temperature equal or lower to -18oC. Otherwise, please let the store manager know.
  2. Make sure that the products in the refrigerators do not exceed the line of maximum charge. This is a line that should be visible on the internal walls of the refrigerator.
  3. Check the packaging before buying. They should be free of problems (not battered, torn up, slashed, ripped, opened etc.), and not covered with ice or frost. This may indicate accidental defrosting. Please let the store manager know and request the replacement of packages.
  4. Check the consumption expiry date. Choose the packages with the most recent dates and avoid those with illegible expiry date. Legible dates are important for every business that respects the consumers of its products!
  5. Get the frozen products from the refrigerators after having finished your shopping and before going to the cashier.
  6. Place the frozen products in a single shopping bag. This extends the freezing life. If the distance from the supermarkets back home is longer than 15/20 minutes, you should get special bags for frozen products; otherwise wrap them with a newspaper sheet.
  7. Once you get home, place the products in the freezer.
  8. If you do not use the entire content of the package, do not defrost the whole product.
  9. Always follow the instructions available on the label of each package.
  10. Use your senses to appreciate the quality and make comparisons. Low quality products often have a lot of defects.