We promise to bring
the treasures of the sea to your table!
Let’s break the ice!

This is how we started our business

A tradition that endures for 18 years now! Since 1995, when Atlantida was founded by Ioannis Tournavitis, the company has managed to enter dynamically the production, processing, labelling and trading arena of fish and other seafood. The ingenuity, passion and hard work of the Tournavitis family quickly steered Atlantida to the top positions of the frozen food market. Our consistent quality, range of premium products and a sense of responsibility to our customers and final consumers have ensured our continuous and long-standing presence in the Greek market.

This is how we progress

Since 2003, the company’s management has passed to the second generation of the Tournavitis family. The sons of Ioannis Tournavitis, Petros and Dimitris, have raised the bar and surpassed themselves driven by their passion and love for the family business. They have laid new foundations to ensure the company’s stable development and growth at all levels. They invested into upgrading and modernizing the equipment. As a result, Atlantida is now one of the largest production, processing and trading companies of frozen fish and other seafood in Greece and abroad.

Our vision

Our vision is to surpass ourselves. We want to become even better, rightfully winning a well-deserved place on the Greek table! This is our promise and commitment.
We support the company’s development, we invest in new equipment, we improve constantly our product storage and distribution system. We raise constantly the quality level of all our products and we create new ones to meet our customers’ needs and requirements. For your peace of mind when you enjoy our products!

We love betting!
Against ourselves!
It helps us get even better!

When people love and trust you, when they choose your products for their family table, the least you can do is to offer ultimate quality.

No chemicals used

Chemicals are used to alter the colour of seafood and make it more appealing.They are also used to soften the fibres of molluscs, such as octopuses and squids. We use simulated natural methods, such as softening by bashing in specially designed drums!

We freeze our products immediately

Our company is located in the Kavala District. The area is well-known for the development of the fishing industry. This provides us with a direct supply of fresh fish and other seafood, processed and frozen immediately as soon as they are fished. This is how we produce supreme products that bring the taste and aroma of the sea right to your table!

We inspect, and then we inspect some more

Nothing is left to chance. First, we ensure the quality of seafood reaching the plant by visual inspection of raw materials. Then a number of laboratory tests are performed at the company’s chemistry lab. When we are certain that our products are of high quality and contain all necessary nutrients, then they receive the “green light” to be forwarded to the production line.